Activities of the Centre

Medical Services

Doctors and Medicos from Mumbai render voluntary services on Sundays, treating around a thousand patients from pediatrics to geriatrics care every week.
The Centre has been recognized by Mumbai University as a post graduate internship centre. Two to three doctors are residents at the centre and participate in treating patients and primary health education for the resident students.

  1. Pathology section equipped with Automatic Blood Analyser and Biochemistry unit
  2. X-Ray facility
  3. Dental-care services are provided at nominal charges
  4. Cataract operations are arranged where necessary, following eye care camps
Free Medicines

The Centre treats about seven hundred patients every week in the Out Patient Department. Patients come from places as far as 100 kms from the centre. The patients are given free medicines, vitamins, proteins etc. Patients are provided with nutritious khichidi in the afternoon. Patients requiring hospitalizations are admitted in the Mission hospital in Mumbai or admitted in nearby hospitals.

Special Camps

Special camps are conducted for skin diseases, eye checkup and regular cataract operations. Patients are provided free spectacles in eye camps.

Vocational training

Every year about 100 students are admitted to various courses of 6-months to 1-year duration. At the end of the course students are presented with certificates and provided tools to start their work. Courses include: Tailoring, Electrician / Wireman, Mechanic and Carpentry courses. All of these are government-certified courses.

  • The workshops are well-equipped and modern. The teaching staff is experienced. The course work includes both theory and practical. For some courses the final examinations are carried out by the Government Technical Education Department. Students are able to stand on their own feet and get jobs immediately after these courses.
  • A separate building has been built for education activities, including a hostel for boys, and classrooms. Students stay in the hostel on campus, and are provided food and medical aid, free of cost.
  • Apart from the regular training, students also participate in work on the campus (including working in the Dairy Farm, agricultural work, cultural events etc.) which provides extensive practical experience and moulds their personality.

Agricultural Mentoring

1. Monthly, 1-day refresher course in agriculture
  • It is conducted with the cooperation of Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Ltd. (MAHYCO), Mumbai for 300-350 participants.
  • This is conducted mainly for Mahila farmers in the Shibir. Participants are given good quality seeds, manure and pesticides.
  • The field officers visit the field and guide the participants. With support from MAHYCO good quality seeds of all varieties of paddy, vegetables and flowers are distributed at nominal prices. This has greatly improved the economy and health of the people.
2. Short-term courses

As and when approached by interested persons, short-term courses are conducted to impart training in improved methods of cultivation.

3. Dairy Farm

The Centre has a livestock of 20 cows at present to demonstrate and guide owners of livestock in maintaining cattle and marketing of dairy produce. Vocational trainees are exposed to this activity.

4. Demonstration Plots
  • The Centre has earmarked plots of land to demonstrate ideal methods of cultivation for better productivity of paddy, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Wherever possible, saplings, seeds, etc. are supplied to cultivators.
  • Arrangements are also made to demonstrate compost manure preparation, gobar gas, vermin culture methods and drip irrigation.
  • This includes cultural strengthening at the level of traditional culture, national-level identity, and also daily values.
  • To preserve and promote traditional art and culture, the Centre encourages tribal folk dances, music and painting.
  • The Centre also celebrates Independence Day, Republic Day and festivals such as Ganesh Puja, Krishna Janmashtami, Ram Navami, GudiPadwa.
  • Prayers, vedic chanting and classes on scriptures are a daily routine in the shrine at the Centre.
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